The Coin Look - Counterfeit Detection - 1928-P Peace Dollar

The 1928 can be difficult to tell if it is authentic or not.

There are two main ways the counterfeiters try to make a coin in to a 1928-P.

The first would be removing the S mint mark off of a 1928-S Peace Dollar.

The second would be tooling a 1923-P Peace Dollar in to a 1928. The 3 on that coin already closely resembles an 8, so with a little bit of help, they can turn the 3 in to an 8.

There are 3 obverse dies used for the 1928-P Peace Dollar, and below you will see characteristics of each.

The first is pictured below. Arrows point out the die-scratch extending from the B in LIBERTY, across the ray.

The second is in the E of LIBERTY. Arrows point out the die scratch located there. Three lines convert into two.

The third is no doubt, the hardest one to pick up. There is just a tiny die gouge in the hair of Lady Liberty, as the arrow points out below.


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